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ooking after your international
employee’s personal and family
welfare and securing return on
investment and assignment success
during their employment in Germany
is our business expertise.
In June 2013, King and Mayr
expanded its client portfolio beyond
NATO, the U.S. Armed Forces and the
British Military, and in November,
were announced ‘Destination Service
Provider of the Year’ winner at the
prestigious European Expatriate
Mobility Management Awards, hosted
by the Forum for Expatriate Manage-
ment. The judging panel stated:
“King & Mayr is a great example of
an innovative business model that
will redefine destination services
within the industry.”
Receiving this recognition affirms
our view and those of our clients;
that in a time-consuming, stressful
and overall costly global mobility
process, integrating ongoing
Personal Management Services into
relocation policies and mobility
programs should be considered a
necessity rather than a luxury.
Clients identify that one of their
biggest challenges of their overseas
assignment is not work related, but
getting their families settled. Circum-
navigating and managing their
ongoing everyday life in bureaucratic
Germany is the challenge, even if
they speak German or have help
setting everything up.
It was their recurring stories about
those seemingly impervious aspects of
everyday life, such as unpaid phone
bills, problems with the internet,
receiving a court order and not
knowing why, delays and high costs
in transferring funds overseas, not
understanding what comes in the mail
etc. that lead to the creation of our
innovative service solution on which
the overall success of an international
assignment can depend.
Successful expatriation does not stop
after the relocation is completed, we
are here for it ALL: Arriving-Living-
Leaving, becoming the “Go to
Company” and single English/
German point of contact for what
can be considered the simple yet
essential things when living and
working overseas.
Redefining Destination
Services within the Industry
German American Trade Mar/Apr 2014
“On more than
one occasion, your
intervention turned
a potential disaster into
a ‘solved problem’.”
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