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German American Trade Mar/Apr 2014
awards ceremonies, such as Ward’s
Best Engine Award, can keep the
social-minded visitor running from
place to place, with each event
offering new opportunities to meet
new acquaintances and old. Inter-
ested in hosting an event? Plan early
and plan well: competition for
visitors may be fierce! In order to
facilitate networking in a more
private environment and hold
confidential discussions, many
suppliers host private suites in COBO
Hall, where current and prospective
customers are invited to discuss
future projects in an informal,
relaxed atmosphere.
Access to Technology
As important as receptions and
private suites may be, this is after all
an auto show, and the focus is
definitely on the cars! But while at a
typical public-focused auto show
(and indeed, during the public days
of NAIAS) you will see masses of
consumers crowding around the
latest Chevy Corvette or Porsche 911,
visitors to the Industry Preview often
have a more specific focus. You will
always see suppliers checking out
their own products and components
in use in their customers’ vehicles,
and also showing these products off
to their customers. But suppliers and
automakers alike love the opportu-
nity to view their competitors in
action and benchmark their own
products against the competition.
From the chrome details on the front
grille, to the interior stitching, to the
trunk latch mechanism, you can see
engineers and product experts
measuring, taking notes, exclaiming,
shaking their heads – in dismay or in
respect. The sheer scope of both
production vehicles and concept cars
also allows to identify new develop-
ments and trends for the entire
NAIAS presents its visitors with the
opportunity to experience innova-
tion, meet peers and stakeholders
across the entire automotive supply
chain, and enjoy the vibrant dynam-
ics of the industry at one of the
multiple receptions and events. So if
you’re heading to Detroit next
January for the NAIAS Industry
Preview, be sure to plan in plenty of
time for your visit. There’s so much
to see, and you are certain to run
into lots of people you know.
GACC Midwest Michigan Office Project
Manager Dieter Lehnert meeting with
members and industry experts at
a NAIAS reception
NAIAS 2014 Highlights:
• Press Preview: 5,169 journal-
ists from 60 countries and 39
states watched as 50 vehicles
were unveiled (the majority being
worldwide introductions)
• Industry Preview: 34,040 suppliers,
designers, engineers, etc., attended
from 28 countries.
• Total Ticketed Attendance:
803,451 (incl. Industry Preview,
Charity Preview & Public Show)
• Total Economic Impact:
$365 Million
“The Preview Days let me connect with some of the other
organizations that CAR is involved with. For example, during
one of the Preview Days, I was able to speak with several of
the folks I know who work at various economic development
organizations throughout the Great Lakes region.”
Joshua Cregger, Center for Automotive Research
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