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German American Trade Mar/Apr 2014
with state and community leaders.
Mike Bryan, a training specialist at
Bosch Rexroth Corp. was honored as
‘Trainer of the Year’ with the 2013
GACC Award at the German Ameri-
can Business Outlook for his
involvement, tireless training and
mentoring of more than 725
apprentices at the Bosch plant in
Fountain Inn, SC.
German Success Stories
German medium and large compa-
nies build on the vast potential
present in the state. In 2010, BMW
Manufacturing Co., LLC opened its
newest plant adding 1.5 million-
square-feet to its existing 2.5
million-square-foot campus. The
plant is served by 170 suppliers
across North America, including
40 companies in the state.
Another successful milestone was the
Continental Tire Sumter Plant
opening on Jan. 28. Together, state
officials, German-American govern-
ment representatives and industry
leaders applauded the rolling out of
tires at the new South Carolina
production site.
Other German manufacturing
companies like ZF Transmissions
in Gray Court, SC; Stueken, LLC in
Fountain Inn, SC; and Prettl Electric
Corp. in Greenville, SC; epitomize
the German Mittelstand success
in the U.S.
“German medium and large manu-
facturers play a crucial part in South
Carolina’s ongoing manufacturing
renaissance. The GACC South is
forging ties with German-American
businesses, regional communities,
workforce developers, and institu-
tions of higher education to promote
a dynamic and integrated economic
partnership,” states Pearson.
In January, U.S. Senator Lindsey
Graham at a GACC South event,
praised companies with German roots
operating in South Carolina. The
strong German-American presence
goes both ways – the South Carolina
Department of Commerce has a
representation in Munich to serve the
growing interest in German firms.
South Carolina is a state shaped by a
plurality of factors that attract new
businesses and innovation. German
firms are strong and leading in many
fields, including manufacturing.
Their success empowers the state,
people and businesses with invest-
ment in capital – but also workforce
development and vocational training.
The state’s economic outlook is
promising and German companies
will benefit from the successful
conditions present today.
German Mittelstand -
Southern SME Forum:
As part of the GACC South’s effort to
nurture the economic development
and expansion of German firms in
the state, the German Mittelstand-
Southern SME Forum, an all-day
business conference, will take place
in Greenville, SC on April 7. Notable
speakers and German-American in-
dustry representatives will be present.
for more information.
Sources: U.S. Department of Commerce,
South Carolina Department of Commerce,
U.S. Census, Discover South Carolina
South Carolina State House in Columbia, SC houses
the government of the U.S. state of South Carolina.
Charleston Harbor, one of the largest and most efficient container ports in the U.S.
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