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he lasting U.S. natural gas boom
will change the North American
infrastructure significantly in the
coming years. This is the result of the
Bentek Natural Gas Outlook, present-
ed during the ENR Energy Construc-
tion Summit in November 2013 in
Houston, TX. Besides comprehensive
investments into new gas-fueled
power plants and gas-processing
capacities, a massive expansion of
the transportation systems needed for
the sector is anticipated.
The experts at Bentek Energy expect
the U.S. natural gas production in
the lower 48 states to increase by
some 15 billion cubic feet per day
(bcf/d) between 2013 and 2018
(as of 2013: approx. 66 bcf/d).
The largest part of the increase
in capacity is to be absorbed by
an increased demand for natural
gas in the power supply sector.
There, more and more coal-fired
power plants are being replaced
by gas-fueled installations.
Furthermore, in the years to come,
increasing gas deliveries to Mexico
and the starting export business with
liquefied natural gas (LNG) will create
an increase in demand. Another
important factor is the increase in
usage by the U.S. industry, fostered by
an increased settlement of energy-
intense production companies.
In the power sector, Bentek expects
that in the next five years new
gas-fueled power plants will be
constructed with an overall capacity
of 19.3 GW. The majority of plants are
to be built in the country’s northeast
and southwest, where demand for
replacements and/or expansions of
power plants is especially high.
Besides dropped gas prices, political
efforts to reduce CO
emission are also
increasing the attractiveness of
gas-fueled power plants.
Additional investments in the billions
of dollars will be required in the
future in order to transport energy
resources from Canada and the large
production regions to consumers in
the north of the U.S. as well as the
midcontinent. Bentek sees a need
especially for transports to the U.S.
Gulf Coast as well as to large
consumption areas in the west and
the south of the nation.
By Martin Wiekert, GTAI
Translation from German by Sandy Jones, GACC
Expansion of U.S. Energy
Infrastructure With No End in Sight
German American Trade Mar/Apr 2014
The Forecast for the U.S. Natural Gas Market
Shows Opportunities for Plant Manufacturers
and the Construction Sector
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