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German American Trade Mar/Apr 2014
Through a variety of events, work-
force development activities, and
services to its members, GACC
Midwest’s Michigan Chapter contin-
ues to play an integral role in the
state’s flourishing German-American
business community. Dr. Walter
Maisel is President & Chairman of
the Michigan Chapter and is sup-
ported by a number of dedicated,
high-profile board members. High-
light events of 2013 included the
Winter Networking Dinner (February
5); 20th Annual SAE Reception (April
16); Spring Reception (June 11);
Unity Day Reception (October 3); and
Annual Fall Dinner (November 19).
The Michigan Chapter was also
instrumental in the Grand Opening
of GACC Midwest’s Michigan Office,
where Board Members Dr. Walter
Maisel and Honorary German Consul
Fred Hoffman participated.
Michigan Chapter
Michigan Chapter Representatives at the
opening of the GACC Midwest Michigan Office
Florida Chapter – Anniversary Celebration
September 26, 2013, Tampa, FL
On September 16, 2013, honorary
speakers, German and U.S. govern-
ment representatives, members, and
business partners gathered in
Tampa’s Museum of Science and
Industry to celebrate the first
anniversary of the GACC South
Florida Chapter. Martina Stellmaszek,
President & CEO, GACC South
praised the close cooperation
between German companies operat-
ing in the sunshine state, state
officials and local communities.
Joe Martinez, Vice President of Interna-
tional Development, Enterprise Florida
congratulated the Florida Chapter to its
first anniversary.
Colorado Chapter – Growth
through Successful Events
GACC Midwest’s Colorado Chapter
hosted a series of events throughout
2013. Among many others, the
chapter co-sponsored a meeting with
the American Council on Germany
– Warburg Chapter featuring Ger-
many’s Consul General Dr. Bernd
Fischer. Dr. Fischer emphasized the
German-American friendship,
Germany as an economically power-
ful nation, and Germany’s vocational
system as an example for America to
produce skilled workers in manufac-
turing. The chapter also began a
well-attended Business Luncheon
Series, and fundraising events
experienced significant growth in
2013. The Biergarten Festival added a
Sunday Frühschoppen and attendance
grew by about 25% while the Denver
Christkindl Market approached 90,000
visitors. Under the Chapter leadership,
the increase in chapter events and
cooperation with the Colorado
international community resulted in
strong growth: Active membership
doubled over the past year. Fred
Beisser is the current president of the
Colorado Chapter.
Former Chapter President Jesse Young and
Board Member Laura Jacobson
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