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German American Trade Mar/Apr 2014
ALDI Grows Coast to Coast –
Over 1,900 Stores by 2018
rice-savvy shoppers have come
to love ALDI because of (and
sometimes in spite of) quirks such as
renting shopping carts for a quarter
or taking groceries from shelved
boxes. Above all, regulars swear by
ALDI’s excellent cost-price ratio.
Consequently, ALDI was named the
2014 Retailer of the Year by Private
Label => Store Brands on February
12. On top of this, the company has
been named “low price grocery
leader” for three consecutive years
in a consumer survey conducted by
research institute Market Force
Information – beating out formi-
dable competitors such as Walmart
and Costco.
It therefore came as no surprise
when ALDI, which currently has
1,270 stores in 32 states, announced
an ambitious expansion plan in
December 2013: The grocery chain
will open 650 additional locations
across the country by 2018 and
invest $3 billion in land, facilities
and equipment.
ALDI will expand its inventory, too.
In January 2014, it launched the
“SimplyNature” brand featuring
health-conscious products made
with only all-natural ingredients,
from snacks like vegetable chips to
pantry items and frozen pizza. A
good portion of the products are
even certified organic, including
milk, agave nectar, toasted oats, as
well as pasta and pasta sauce.
SimplyNature complements ALDI’s
already established Fit & Active line,
which is made with less fat, less
sodium and fewer calories than most
grocery store food. As Chuck
“When we open a
new store, word of
mouth about the amazing
quality and freshness of
the products available at
ALDI spreads quickly
from loyal shoppers to
friends and neighbors.”
Jason Hart,
President of ALDI Inc.
ALDI’s SimplyNature line,
made with only all-natural or organic ingredients, is now available in all U.S. stores
By Maj-Britt Jungjohann, GACC
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