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lighting. It is one of over 400 projects
carried out at Fort Lee since 1997.
Wide Range of Water
In the water and wastewater
technology sector, Bilfinger is
among the world’s largest suppliers
of plant, components and services.
In the U.S., Bilfinger Water
Technologies is particularly visible
through its brands Bilfinger Airvac
and Johnson Screens.
Bilfinger Airvac manufactures
vacuum sewer technology that can
be installed in shallower trenches
than traditional collection systems. It
provides a solution in areas where
flat terrain and a high groundwater
table create design problems for
traditional gravity feed sewage
collection systems.
Johnson Screens produces mechani-
cal components for the separation of
solids from liquids and gases and
provides associated services. The
products are used for drinking water
extraction, in the oil and gas
industry and in other industrial
sectors for wastewater treatment
and resource reclamation. The
company’s most important markets
are North America, Europe and the
Asia-Pacific region.
In Mexico City, Bilfinger is involved
in the new 60-kilometer-long sewage
tunnel “Emisor Oriente”, one of the
world’s most demanding public
sector projects for water infrastruc-
ture. Bilfinger has equipped two of
the pumping stations with automatic
rake screens. Extending 30 meters
downwards, they trap flotsam as it
travels through the system and
protect the pumps. The company
has been active in the rebuilding of
the sewage network in Mexico City
for many years and also delivers
wastewater treatment plants in
Greater Mexico City.
Well-Positioned for the Future
Bilfinger’s unique combination of
engineering and services skills allows
the company to help its clients
recognize and exploit the economic
and ecological potential of their
projects. The Group’s decentralized
organization is closely linked
through internal networks of
competences where know-how and
technology are developed and
shared. The Group is thus able to
respond to the requirements of its
clients throughout the world with the
same level of expertise. “In Europe,
Bilfinger has strong business
relationships with globally operating
companies. We now also want to
serve them in the U.S.,” said Dr.
Boudewijn van Lent.
German American Trade Mar/Apr 2014
Contact info:
Dr. Boudewijn van Lent
Bilfinger North America, Inc.
President & Group Regional
Representative North America
11111 Sunset Hills Road, Suite 350
Reston, VA 20190
Phone: +1 703 885 4629
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