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improving energy efficiency and
reducing CO
emissions. One specialty
is the purification of flue gas comple-
mented by Powerise® technology
which feeds the heat generated by the
purification process back into the
cycle, further reducing CO
In Finland, Powerise® is used in the
biomass combustion process, a
potentially important area in the
future. SaskPower, a Canadian utility,
will also be using this technology at
its coal-fired power station in Sas-
katchewan. There, for the first time on
an industrial scale, CO
will be filtered
from flue gas, compressed and then
stored under pressure underground
(Carbon Capture and Storage or CCS).
Automated Control Systems
Bilfinger delivers control systems to
some of the world’s most demanding
industries including oil and gas,
chemicals and pharmaceuticals,
renewable energy, hydro power,
aluminium and metals. The company
offers power station and process
control technology, automation
systems for power distribution in
electricity transmission grids and the
design and equipping of control
rooms with state-of-the art visualiza-
tion systems. Bilfinger Mauell
Corporation, headquartered in
Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, is one of the
largest control room designers and
integrators in the U.S.
Lifecycle Approach
for Properties
Bilfinger also designs, constructs and
manages office buildings and
production facilities for international
clients and manages public buildings
such as hospitals and schools. The
focus is on sustainability, energy
efficiency and cost-optimization on
behalf of users and investors. This is
achieved through a comprehensive
lifecycle approach that takes all
aspects of a building into consider-
ation – from design to optimization
of operating costs. Because Bilfinger
is accredited for the major certifica-
tion systems such as LEED (Leader-
ship in Energy and Environmental
Design) and BREEAM (British
Research Establishment Environmen-
tal Assessment Method), the com-
pany is able to provide clients with
support and advice during the certifi-
cation process.
Bilfinger’s international clients
include IBM, GE, BASF, Orange,
Telefonica, and Delphi. The company
is in a position to manage the
real estate portfolios of companies
like these across national borders
from a single source and also takes
on the important task of energy
management for them.
In the U.S., another Bilfinger Group
company, Centennial Contractors, has
a particularly strong commitment to
promoting sustainability. Centennial
has specialized in responsive long-
term framework contracting services
that support large facilities and
infrastructure such as school districts,
universities, municipalities and
federal installations. When trans-
forming a two-story, 8,500 square-
foot barracks building at Fort Lee,
Virginia, into a counseling center for
alcohol and drug abuse, the com-
pany’s green initiative included
carpet tiles and steel studs made from
recycled materials, low VOC paints
and adhesives, and high efficiency
German American Trade Mar/Apr 2014
The control room at a power plant near Hamburg, Germany was designed by Bilfinger Mauell.
“I will support the Group’s strategy of organic and
acquisitional growth here and will enhance its
visibility as a major player in the U.S. market.”
Dr. Boudewijn van Lent
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