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Santa Clara Stadium
KettenWulf and the Schindler
Group have shared a long-term
partnership in the successful develop-
ment of sustainable solutions. An
example of a combined project is the
new Santa Clara stadium for the 49ers
in San Francisco.
The 1.85 million-square-foot, 68,500-
seat stadium will feature open
pedestrian plazas, commercial
community space, a 49ers team store
and a 49ers Hall of Fame. The stadium
is functionally designed to create a
building that can be used for a wide
range of events, including professional
and college football, soccer, moto-
cross, concerts, and civic events.
Technology showcase
Santa Clara Stadium will incorporate a
range of sustainable technical features,
including solar panels, a “green” roof
that reduces heating and cooling
energy requirements, water-conserv-
ing plumbing fixtures, sophisticated
building control systems and recycled
materials, in addition, it will offer
stadium-wide Wi-Fi capability, mobile
connectivity, IPTV (Internet Protocol
Television), and colossal high-defini-
tion video boards measuring more
than 13,000 square feet.
KettenWulf and Schindler will also be
contributing to the stadium’s list of
sustainability features with advanced
mobility systems in the form of 38
escalators. A particularly designed
chain with reduced weight adds to the
energy efficiency. Special materials
and a unique design enable the chains
to be lighter resulting in needing less
energy to move the chain, but
still operating under the required
conditions. Continuous developments
in these areas lead to ongoing
improvement in energy efficiency
and cost savings. Planned for comple-
tions by the 2014 NFL season, Santa
Clara Stadium will kick off a new era
for the San Francisco 49ers and usher
in the next generation of sports
stadium design.
German American Trade Nov/Dec 2013
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Santa Clara Stadium in San Francisco, CA
Dominik Stracke, CEO of KettenWulf USA, LP
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