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KettenWulf USA
ettenWulf USA was founded
2004 in Atlanta, GA as one of
the engineering, sales, and distribu-
tion offices of the KettenWulf Group.
As a leading global manufacturer the
company produces engineered chains,
drive chains, and sprockets. The
Atlanta location serves the North,
Central and South American market
in a wide range of industries, such as
escalators, automobile, cement, power
plant, insulation, and many more.
For more than 80 years KettenWulf,
as a family-owned company, has not
only been a synonym for premium
quality, but also for trust, loyalty, and
reliability. These values form the basis
for the company’s corporate structure
worldwide. The headquarters of the
KettenWulf Group is based in Eslohe,
Germany; with 10 production and
distribution facilities in Europe,
America, and Asia, over 1200
employees develop, produce, and
market customized conveyor and
engineered solutions.
“Customized engineered chains are
the key factor of KettenWulf USA’s
success. Therefore a close collaboration
with our Technical-Engineering-Center
in Germany is important to develop a
global KettenWulf DNA in order to
help our customers,” says Dominik
Stracke, CEO of KettenWulf USA, LP.
Thinking of the Environment
It is KettenWulf’s objective to take
care of the worlds resources. It is
important to the company that all
employees actively help to improve
the environmental performance of the
KettenWulf Group.
“Our claim to act sustainably is
something which determines our
daily choices. This basic principle is
represented in all our sites world-
wide, not only by meeting legal
stipulations, but also by pursuing
even higher standards which we
define ourselves,” according to
Dominik Stracke.
Following the developments made
in lubrication-free technology, the
demand for these lubrication-free
chains has increased rapidly over
the past couple of years. The
advantages of this technology lie in
the environment as well as cost
saving. The lubrication-free chain
eliminates the environmental
impact caused by the use of oil and
grease during re-lubrication. In
addition, there are cost savings in
the field of maintenance, servicing,
and the life-span of the chain itself.
KettenWulf in the
escalator industry
In public facilities such as airports
or metro stations escalators
transport thousands of people
24 hours a day, seven days a
week. Varying dynamic loads
and long-term, uninterrupted
service are challenges for any
conveying system.
Having a long history of supplying
all major renowned escalator OEMs,
KettenWulf offers comprehensive
product solutions from step and
drive chains to sprockets and
complete drive assemblies,
especially geared towards heavy-
duty operations.
– Trust in Technology
German American Trade Nov/Dec 2013
Engineered chains by KettenWulf
Escalator with KettenWulf step chains
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