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Fostering Transatlantic Exchange on Trade
n the week leading up to the
German elections, Dr. Stefan Mair,
Member of the Executive Board at
the Federation of German Industries
(BDI) and Dr. Volker Treier, Deputy
Chief Executive and Managing
Director International Economic
Affairs at the Association of German
Chambers of Commerce and
Industry (DIHK) traveled together to
Washington with a delegation to
discuss the ongoing Transatlantic
Trade and Investment Partnership
(TTIP) negotiations. As leadership
from policy makers and business
leaders on both sides of the Atlantic
is vital to the success of TTIP
negotiations, the joint visit of DIHK
and BDI was very well received by
U.S. counterparts and indicated
German industry and business’
united support for the successful
negotiation of the TTIP.
During the visit to Washington,
organized by the Representative of
German Industry and Trade (RGIT),
Dr. Mair and Dr. Treier met with
congressmen, members of the
administration, and business leaders
in order to get a more comprehensive
idea of how TTIP negotiations are
being received in the U.S. On the
Congressional side, Dr. Mair and Dr.
Treier spoke at a luncheon round-
table alongside Ambassador Miriam
Sapiro, Deputy U.S Trade Representa-
tive, Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA), and
Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH). The round-
table, introduced by Dr. Thomas
Zielke, President and CEO of RGIT,
provided for lively discussion not
only on the potential benefits of
TTIP, but also the potential chal-
lenges which lay ahead. The lun-
cheon was well attended and
included representatives from a
variety of congressional offices,
which the delegation found to
be indicative of the widespread
bi-partisan interest that TTIP has
sparked in Washington.
For the first time since she was
appointed in June, the delegation
was able to meet with Caroline
Atkinson, Deputy Assistant to the
President; Deputy National Security
Adviser for International Economics.
In a meeting with Atkinson and
several staff members, Dr. Mair and
Dr. Treier voiced their support for the
successful completion of TTIP.
Building on their meeting with Ms.
Atkinson, the delegation then met
with Dan Mullaney, Assistant U.S.
Trade Representative of Europe and
Chief TTIP Negotiator. Ms. Rachel
Shub, Senior Director for EU Regula-
tory Affairs at USTR was also able to
join the meeting, which allowed Drs.
Mair and Treier to delve into more
by Elizabeth Livengood, RGIT
German American Trade Nov/Dec 2013
Delegation in Washington
Dr. Ilja Nothnagel (DIHK), Mr. Oliver Wieck (BDI),
Dr. Stefan Mair (BDI), Dr. Volker Treier (DIHK)
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