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ade in Germany" is still a solid
sales argument in many
industry sectors in the U.S. Mainly in
the area of capital goods and durable
consumer goods such as cars,
German products are more popular
than ever in the U.S. In 2012,
machines and transport equipment
had a share of approximately 58%
(US$63.3 billion) in the overall U.S.
goods procurement from Germany.
The suppliers of such products
benefit from the fact that consumers
in the U.S. trust German technology
in areas where performance, durabil-
ity or environmental aspects play a
crucial role.
Significance for Capital
and Technological Goods
Many German companies make good
use of this by clearly pointing out
Germany as the country of origin for
their products. Examples are Volks-
wagen’s "Das Auto" campaign
or Porsche using the
German license plate of
Stuttgart in its ads.
However, products
advertised as "German"
do not sell themselves.
Many U.S. customers
refer to specific quality
statistics in which
German products are
not always ranked first.
Thus, manufacturers have to work
hard on fulfilling the raised expecta-
tions of customers. This is especially
true if they want to sell their goods
and products with an added premium.
In the health care industry, companies
are happy to make reference to
German technology in order to set
themselves apart from the products of
the competition. "Our label "Health
– Made in Germany" also enjoys a
wide acceptance in the United States,"
says Tilo Mandry of Germany Trade
and Invest, responsible for the Export
Initiative for the German Health Care
Industry, initiated by the German
Federal Ministry of Economics and
Technology. "Especially various
smaller companies use our umbrella
brand in order to increase their
visibility in the U.S. market."
German Cleantech
Competence is Acknowledged
In the so-called cleantech sector
(renewable energies, energy efficien-
cy, environmental technologies),
many Americans attest German
companies a competitive edge in
terms of competency. For
example, Ebert & Baumann
Consulting Engineers,
offering engineering
services for energy-effi-
cient and eco-friendly
building with offices in
Washington, DC, Chicago
and Denver, benefit from
this. "When it comes to
energy efficiency and
sustainability, German
engineering know-how is very much
acknowledged," knows CEO Oliver
Baumann, advertising with "German
quality and American innovation" for
his company. For the business to be a
by Martin Wiekert, Germany Trade & Invest
translation from German by Sandy Jones, GACC
"Made in Germany"?
– Sometimes,
"Made in the USA"
is More Attractive
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