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German American Trade Nov/Dec 2013
Investing in local operations has also
helped us to reduce certain risks
associated with international trade,
for example, reducing the impact of
fluctuating exchange rates – a
challenge for global companies.
Shipping delays resulting from
strikes at the border or even natural
disasters are also less likely.
A critical benefit is that our “Local
for Local” strategy increases the local
ownership stake and accountability.
If it is our own manufacturing
capacity, it’s also our responsibility
to fill the plants with orders, and to
continuously improve the processes
through which we serve our local
What long-term goal do you
see in collaborating with educa-
tional institutions as you recently
made a contribution to Greenville
Technical College?
One of our key challenges in the
United States has been to find
qualified personnel, especially
technically skilled manufacturing
associates. Whereas management
types can be recruited from nearly
anywhere in the U.S. or even
internationally, manufacturing
associates are typically more tied to
the local market. It’s simply difficult
to move machinists from Michigan
to the Carolinas or vice versa. Our
conclusion: We need to develop our
own local talent pools. One model
that seems to be working well is to
partner with local community and
technical colleges that offer well-
established training programs. We
offer expertise from our state-of-the
art manufacturing facilities, as well
as apprenticeship and employment
opportunities for graduates of their
programs; they offer the formal
educational environment that is
necessary to validate the skills that
have been learned.
Activities like these are in the
interest of local communities, since
they want to attract companies that
offer solid employment. Today’s
high-tech, well-paying
manufacturing jobs
are a good founda-
tion for thriving
communities. Our
collaboration with
Greenville County
is just one
example of how
this can work,
but we are active
at our other U.S.
locations and in those
communities, too.
Fundamentally, the U.S. offers
many advantages: Outstanding
universities, rapidly developing
energy independence, leading
companies in many of our target
markets, strong trade relationships
within the Americas. We have
exceptional opportunities to grow in
the region, but we can only grow to
our potential if we can fill open
positions quickly during the econom-
ic upcycles. That’s what’s behind our
collaboration with educational
Bosch Rexroth’s new 260,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Fountain Inn, South Carolina
A10V(S)O Axial Piston Pump:
Strong demand helped lead to
the Fountain Inn campus expansion
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