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German American Trade Nov/Dec 2013
erman Venture Capital Funds
have generated comparable
or better returns than their U.S.
counterparts, as an analysis by the
Munich based consultancy CEPRES
shows. Venture capital investments
in German portfolio companies with
investments dated between 1998
and 2010 generated an average
gross return of 11.4 percent; in the
same time period, U.S. companies
achieved an average gross return
of 7.7 percent. The analysis was
based on data from 496 VC invest-
ments in Germany as well as
profiles of 6,940 venture invest-
ments in the U.S.
T-Venture, the venture capital
company of Deutsche Telekom,
survived the 2001 dotcom bubble
burst and has been going strong
since 1997. Their West Coast
subsidiary, T-Venture of America,
has been operating out of San
Francisco and Seattle since 1999.
T-Venture Senior Investment
Manager Thorsten Claus says:
“We only invest when we see
synergies with our core activities
and we want to stay actively
involved in the evolution process
of the startup”.
Since its inception, T-Venture has
invested in more than 190 compa-
nies and accomplished more than
20 “successful exits” (IPOs or sale
of the business), among them jajah,
netviewer, CoreOptics, Demandware,
Ruckus, Groupon, Kaufda, swoodoo
and VoiceObjects.
One of T-Venture America’s newest
projects is StreetLight Data, which
contextualizes anonymous location
data (from cellular towers and GPS
devices) to measure consumer
mobility patterns for a place. For
example: What type of people are
there? How often do they come? Are
they here because of work or
shopping? This type of geospatial
data can help retailers and planners
to make decisions in terms of site
selection or marketing.
Startup Funding:
by Nicola Michels, GACC
StreetLight Data software showing home locations of people who visit the Tanforan
shopping center on a typical weekday, by a 1km x 1km grid. Visitors come from many
kilometers away, far outside the range of a typical “trade area” analysis.
Thorsten Claus,
T-Venture of America, San Francisco
“We Don’t Give Dumb Money”
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