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The majority of his time is spent in
the field installing equipment on
various locations worldwide. “My
travels have taken me to Mexico,
Brazil and most of the U.S. I enjoy
seeing all the different countries and
cultures,” he said.
Hosmer is a field installer, installing
equipment at various locations
throughout the country. When he
isn’t on the road, he works in the
assembly area producing machines.
Hosmer has always been fascinated
by machinery and enjoys that the
company’s products have improved
with advancements in technology.
“The best part of my job includes
learning how to build different
machines,” he said.
When asked about his longevity at
the company, Burkett commented,
“Vast changes have been made over
25 years — building the high bay
areas, buying more modern equip-
ment, and improvement of our
computer system. This company
has grown from three people to
what it is today.”
“The years have gone by fast,” said
McGuffey. “Grenzebach gave me the
opportunity to move from a machin-
ist to an equipment installer for
customers on-site. I’m grateful to
have collected so much experience.”
Hosmer added, “I’ve never thought I
would stay in one company for over
25 years. Grenzebach is a really big
employer in Newnan and I’m proud
that I have stayed with this company
until the present. Grenzebach is like a
big family with friendly colleagues
and a good working atmosphere. I
plan to stay on board until I retire.”
Since the opening
of the Newnan facility
in 1988, three of
the original employees
are still working
at Grenzebach.
German American Trade Nov/Dec 2013
Contact info:
Grenzebach Corporation
10 Herring Road
Newnan, Georgia 30265, USA
Phone: +1 770 253-4980
Fax: +1 770 253-5189
Reprint. Courtesy of The Newnan Times Herald
Grenzebach Corporation employees in front of their headquarter in October 2013
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