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Through the MAT2 partnership,
graduating high school seniors are
able to access tuition-free training
and education as part of a Regis-
tered Apprenticeship program to
prepare for a career as a Mecha-
tronics Technician. Not only is the
tuition paid for by the employer,
the apprentice also earns a salary
as they progress through the
program. Apprentices are also able
to transition into a full-time
position with the company as a
Mechatronics Technician upon
successful completion of the
program. The only requirement of
the apprentice is the commitment
to master a new skill and a com-
mitment to remain with the
company for two years. The result?
A win-win for all involved.
A skilled worker, with an associ-
ate’s degree and a competitive
salary; an employer who gains a
qualified, highly trained technician;
a local area able to attract compa-
nies based on their ability to
produce skilled workers; increased
productivity, economic opportunity,
and a proven pathway to help grow
the Mechatronics field in Michigan.
In June, the Office of Apprentice-
ship began discussions with
Siemens on a Mechatronic Systems
Certification Program. In October,
Registered Apprenticeship leader-
ship met with Siemens’ senior
management and began discussing
how Registered Apprenticeship can
meet Siemens’ talent acquisition
needs in the United States. The
Office of Apprenticeship, and our
State Apprenticeship Agency
partners, can help all German-
American companies address their
workforce needs. We will be
reaching out to you through the
German American Chambers of
Commerce and will be delighted to
help you in whatever way we can.
We hope to have the opportunity to
work with you to meet your needs
for a skilled workforce.
Contact info:
Please contact us through e-mail at
or visit our website at
About the Author
John V. Ladd,
Office of Apprenticeship,
U.S. Department of Labor
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