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e at Nations Partners
are a dynamic German-
American team of trainers, coaches,
performers, psychologists and
business professionals. We believe
that conscious communication is at
the root of all true success. It
defines us as leaders, determines
our values as individuals and
facilitates growth and stability in
our companies.
At home on either side of the
Atlantic, we have passionately
worked with our clients for over a
quarter of a century on raising the
bar of conscious communication at
the workplace. We are close to our
clients and understand that at the
heart of all training lies the need to
refine the relationships that matter
- the relationship between leader
and team, consultant and client,
colleague and colleague, boss and
associate. And maybe most impor-
tantly – the relationship we as indi-
viduals have to ourselves.
By merging cutting edge leadership
training, behavioral coaching and
the consciousness-raising power of
stage performance techniques we
activate the full gambit of human
behavior. The cross-disciplinary
method literally turbo charges the
left brain/right brain-powered
centers of the individual. The
rational and the emotional motors
are synchronized. The “aha-effect”
kicks in and the learner can
immediately work with the new
skill. The shift is powerful, highly
motivational and it works.
“The Charismatic Performer in
Business”, “Concept Thinker”, “An
American in Europe” and “The
Co-Creative Team” are just a few of
the seminar titles we offer both in
Germany and the US. We also
custom design in-house training
and coaching programs to address
the evolving needs of our clients.
The 6 Principals Of
Conscious Communication
RESPONSIBILITY - Own up to it!
You always are the cause and the
effect. Taking full responsibility is
the potent mindset of outstanding
leaders and inspirational personali-
RECOGNITION - Tune in to other
people’s ‘frame of reference’.
Embrace the evocative dialogue
and a world of potential opens to
you. This is communication par
CO-CREATIVITY - Every relation-
ship by nature is co-creative.
We cannot not create. Master this
principle and you spearhead growth
and innovation.
By Karin Kearns, Nations Partners
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