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German American Trade Sep/Oct 2013
industry, but I think my work ethic
has really helped me to gain the
experience necessary to feel
comfortable. Work has always come
first for me, and sometimes I have
to remind myself to balance work
and other demands. I learned this
work ethic and balance from my
mother. She was very hard working
and for most of my childhood, she
worked more than one job. That
work ethic helped me to succeed in
college and as an accountant at
PWC. After I became a manager at
PWC, I moved to PQ Corporation.
My mentor at PQ eventually moved
to AMG, and he encouraged me to
do the same. I then worked full time
and earned my MBA from Villanova
at night. I've worked with AMG
since 2005, and working those long
hours has allowed to me have a
deeper understanding of the
industry as well as communicate
with all of AMG's teams.
What is your proudest
accomplishment at AMG?
In late October, AMG's Board
of Directors will make a formal
announcement stating their inten-
tion to nominate me to the Manage-
ment Board. If the shareholders
approve the nomination, I will be
the first female member of AMG's
Management Board.
How does AMG contribute to
advancing global sustainability?
AMG measures itself not only in
terms of revenue, but also in sustain-
able development. Since 2011, we
have invested more hours training
employees not only in their job
performance, but also in human
rights, health and safety, and business
ethics. We plan to continue investing
in our employees as we grow. One of
AMG's growing sectors is green
economy, and we are a key link in the
supply chain for the solar, nuclear,
advanced materials and recycling
industries, each of which will play a
vital role in addressing the ongoing
challenges of climate change, waste
reduction and pollution elimination.
At the same time AMG is committed
to measuring and minimizing the
environmental footprint associated
with its own manufacturing opera-
tions. So, in addition to growing
profits, we are increasing our
commitment to the safety and
productivity of our workers, and our
commitment to the environment.
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