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Is this a milestone for Tri-
umph? Strategically, what was the
turning point for Triumph on
deciding to expand to the U.S.?
Merve Liebelt (ML):
This is the
first time Triumph International has
formally entered the U.S. market
with the explicit intention of
building up a business organization
to introduce its namesake brand —
Triumph — and expanding its own
retail space in order to control and
drive our positioning. This of course
is a milestone. Traditionally, we
focused much of our expansion
efforts in the Asian markets and
more recently also in the European
region. But the U.S. is one of the
most complex and mature consumer
markets in the world and it is an
extremely interesting area for
business expansion in general.
As the U.S. market is very dynamic,
we spent a lot time to develop what
we feel the American consumer can
rightfully expect when it comes to
service standard and what a brand like
Triumph has to offer. We allowed
extra time to analyze the requirements
of the American market and identified
that there is a considerable demand
for fashionable quality brands with a
European appeal, supreme fit and
excellent service for our customers –
and Triumph offers all of it. Our retail
shopping experience is built to really
accentuate the services Triumph has to
offer and we are very pleased that we
can now present this to a discerning
American customer.
How does a brand like
Triumph set itself apart from the U.S.
Having been around for over
125 years, and always having to
surprise and innovate, we know that
only the customer is the judge of
what we do.
While we observe and respect other
brands and their activities, we stay
true to our roots and our area of
expertise – which is creating uniquely
stylish quality lingerie and shapewear
with an unparalleled fit. We also
believe that the intimate and private-
ly enjoyable lingerie shopping
experience we provide in our stores
supports our brand philosophy –
which is not limited to addressing the
physical and aesthetic needs of a
woman but goes on to satisfy her
emotional demands. This is some-
thing we bring to the market in quite
the unique way, and this underlines
our potential and character as the
“the brand of a true maker, bringing
new products, new shopping destina-
tions and quality to U.S. consumers.
Triumph has acquired stakes
in New York City-based lingerie
retailer Journelle and Mexico
City-based Vicky Form – what else
is planned for the future?
The acquisition of controlling
stakes in those two companies
happened simultaneously and paved
the way to increase our footprint on
the American continent.
Our own stores allow us to really
offer a customized and individual
brand shopping experience and we
want to make sure that this happens
in a very structured and controlled
way, ensuring that our brand is
perceived the way it should be. To
give you a glimpse of our future
activities – we are launching
e-commerce in the U.S. this fall,
making our products widely avail-
able to the American public. On the
brand communication activities side,
we will continue with another store
opening planned for early 2014.
Several further store openings are
planned for next year and beyond in
our strategic expansion plan – please
understand that this is all I can
disclose right now. You will be
seeing a lot of Triumph activities in
the U.S. – so stay tuned!
GAT met with Merve Liebelt, Vice President of Communications for Triumph of Europe
before the openings of Triumph´s new stores at Walt Whitman Shops and Roosevelt Field:
Merve Liebelt, Vice President of
Communications for Triumph of Europe
German American Trade Sep/Oct 2013
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