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German American Trade Sep/Oct 2013
esign has long expanded its
function from merely serving an
aesthetic purpose to emerging as an
interdisciplinary approach to solve
contemporary societal problems.
On August 13th, GACC West, San
Francisco followed last year’s success-
ful event ‘german design – shaping
the future today’ by organizing a
second half-day conference on
German design. While last year’s event
gave a broad perspective on sustain-
able design ideas made in Germany,
this year’s conference focused on the
question, how German design can find
innovative mobility solutions.
Design – beyond mere aesthetics – is
an enabler of innovative ideas and a
provider of solutions for the
challenges of our time. Globalization
and urbanization keep creating the
need for efficient and sustainable
mobility concepts. Germany - with
one of the world’s most developed
transportation infrastructures - pio-
neers the mobility sector and will have
a significant impact on the way we
will “move” tomorrow.
Funded by the German Federal
Ministry of Economics and Technol-
ogy, ‘The Future of Mobility –
How German Design Will Move Us’
tackled the question of how design
can help to meet the global challenges
of our society and how German
design in particular can contribute.
Experts from the field of automotive,
industrial, graphic and interaction
design, as well as trend forecasters
presented their vision of mobility
and keenly discussed where the
future will take us.
Starting with the introduction of
current mobility trends and the impact
of design on human behavior, the
conference offered a forum for
renowned German and American
design experts to introduce and
discuss their latest ideas and applica-
tions. Throughout the day speakers
How German Design Will Move Us
The Future of Mobility
by Simone Friese, GACC West
New GACC CEO, Dietmar Rieg met with German Consul General Dr. Bernd Fischer
and Kai Ulrich, Deputy Managing Director of GACC West, San Francisco (left to right)
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