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German American Trade Sep/Oct 2013
explained that the proposed agree-
ment will lower non-tariff barriers
and significantly increase trade,
which will especially benefit SMEs.
Trade liberalization will increase
wages, reduce unemployment, and
thus improve consumption and
economic activity. He further stated
that “Among the most significant
benefits of the agreement – with
economic, legal, and political
ramifications – is combining the
two largest economies in the world
among partners who share common
values in the rule of law. The
agreement would create a robust,
reliable, and global single market
and promote growth.”
From such theoretical reflections,
conference contributions turned to
more practical matters. Anne Cappel
(European-American Chamber of
Commerce, Cincinnati) spoke about
the impact TTIP will have on the
Midwestern economy and how to
prepare future global leaders.
Simone Pohl, President and CEO of
the German American Chamber of
Commerce of the Midwest, displayed
the strong economic presence of the
3,500 German companies – employ-
ing about 570.000 workers – in the
U.S. Ms. Pohl’s presentation met
with lively interest and the educa-
tors were particularly eager to learn
about cooperation between colleges
and companies as well as the Skills
Initiative of the German embassy.
The next day, conference partici-
pants learned in more detail about
two truly German topics, the Social
Market economy and the dual
educational system, which helps
Germany to enjoy the lowest youth
unemployment rate in Europe.
While the educational environment
in the US is significantly different
from Germany, the audience was
nevertheless interested in possible
adaptations for their students.
Information about available re-
sources rounded off the program;
interactive workshops invited
educators to further explore the
topics and provided potential ideas
for the classroom. Social events in
the evening created additional
networking opportunities and
energized the participants. Eventu-
ally, all left hopeful that the Euro
can be saved – provided the EU will
create the institutions necessary for
its success.
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