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German American Trade Sep/Oct 2013
MAHLE is Setting
Standards for Every Employee
Implementing a system that is
very similar to the German dual-
vocational training system, MAHLE
has an elaborate program that
facilitates each employee.
“Not only are we committed to
strengthening relationships with our
customers, we are equally committed
to investing and developing our
most integral asset – our employees.
MAHLE associates contribute fully
to the success of our company;
therefore, we attach great value in
training our associates at every level,”
complements Roland Zitt.
MAHLE has created various programs
for employees at different stages,
which include:
LDP = Leadership Development
Program designed for high-potential
MDP = Management Development
Program for high-potential employees
in salaried-level positions, aspiring to
be in management.
IDP = International Development
Program for management with
the goal to be mobile and move
to other regions of MAHLE in
leadership roles.
EDP = Executive Development
Program is designed for high-level
executives to stay sharp and develop
an international executive network
within the MAHLE organization.
Mr. Zitt adds, “New employees are
provided job specific training for the
first 12–18 months which include
classroom, self-paced, and on-the-job
training. We support our supervisors,
team leaders, and professional/
specialized knowledge associates to
participate in courses to strengthen
their skills and knowledge through
various internal and external medi-
ums. Leadership development training
programs are offered following global
MAHLE guidelines, however with
regional emphasis.”
Being a leader in the automotive
industry is nothing new to MAHLE.
Each year Ward’s AutoWorld maga-
zine selects and publishes “Ward's 10
Best Engines” – a list of the ten "best"
automobile engines available in the
U.S. market. MAHLE has supplied
products for engines on Ward's Top
10 engines list since its inception in
1995. Since 2004, at least 8 of the 10
winning engines have used MAHLE
components. In 2013, ninety percent
of theses award-wining engines have
MAHLE components. This pays a
great tribute to MAHLE’s engineering
and product developments teams.
Today, every second automobile
produced worldwide contains MAHLE
components. This achievement is no
accident – it is result of a formula of
innovation, forward-looking concepts,
world class products, systems and
personnel. MAHLE - Driven by
Left to Right: Daniel Moody, (General Manager, MAHLE Clevite Inc.– Retired), Martyn Hempston,
(President MAHLE Engine Components USA, Inc.) Bruce Moorehouse, (President, MAHLE Filter
Systems North America, Inc.), Roland Zitt (President, MAHLE Industries, Incorporated),Neil DeKoker
(President & CEO, Original Equipment Suppliers Association - OESA), Rick Snyder (Governor, State of
Michigan), Professor Dr. Heinz Junker (Chairman of the Management Board of the MAHLE Group),
Barry Brickner (Mayor, Farmington Hills), Scott Ferriman, (Vice President Sales and Application
Engineering – NA), Jonathan Douglas, (General Manager, MAHLE Clevite Inc., Aftermarket NA)
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