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German American Trade Sep/Oct 2013
MAHLE Celebrates Farmington
Hills Expansion and Dedication
of North American Headquarters
AHLE Group, one of the
20 largest companies in the
automotive supply industry world-
wide, has grown over the last decade
dramatically and recently acquired
a neighboring building in Farmington
Hills, Michigan. With the consolida-
tion of its corporate activities, a
new campus has been created to
house MAHLE´s North American
MAHLE has been manufacturing
world-class products in the US since
1976. MAHLE’s presence in Detroit
dates back to 1992, when a small
sales office was opened in the Detroit
area. During the first phase in 1998
the Tech Center in Farmington Hills
was built, which has since then
doubled by 2004. The idea to expand
the Tech Center even more and to
add centralized functions first
arose in 2008, but was delayed for
economic reasons.
New plans were approved for
construction of an expansion during
2012. That was when the adjacent
50,000 ft
office space along with
70,000 ft
warehouse space became
available. Several benefits were
identified with this potential purchase,
such as avoiding a year-long con-
struction on the existing premises,
providing space to consolidate
activities of four locations into one
while allowing room for future
growth, and all at lesser cost than a
new construction.
Purchase of the 120,000 ft
was completed in June 2012 and
renovations began in October of
last year. Since then, MAHLE has
consolidated four locations on
its 183,000 ft
Farmington Hills
campus, with nearly 400 employees
on premise.
“This move not only allows us to
consolidate Sales, Accounting,
Finance, Legal, Human Resources and
IT functions on one campus, but it
also demonstrates MAHLE’s commit-
ment to the state of Michigan and the
automotive industry,” said Roland
Zitt, President, MAHLE Industries,
Incorporated during the opening
The new MAHLE North American
Headquarters and expanded facilities
were officially dedicated at a ceremo-
ny on June 26, 2013. Approximately
300 guests attended the grand
opening, together with 120 top
management representatives attend-
ing MAHLE’s summer International
Executive Meeting, which was also
held in Farmington Hills.
“In North America, MAHLE has more
than 7,400 employees committed to
fulfilling the high requirements on
development competence and quality
and thus in our trustworthy relation-
ships with our customers,” Prof. Dr.
Heinz Junker, Chairman of the
MAHLE Management Board, said
during a press conference prior to the
ceremony, conveying MAHLE´s
commitment to the North American
market and its customers.
MAHLE’s North American Headquarters
in Farmington Hills
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