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in a short period of time with
Porsche Consulting.
“I was familiar with Porsche’s
reputation for excellence and
continuous improvement – there’s an
old saying that ‘the best Porsche is
always the next Porsche,’” says
Lamar. “Still, I was amazed by the
depth and strength of the culture.
They sent me to Germany to join the
‘warm-up program,’ experience the
products and tour the museum. It
wasn’t long before I felt like part of
the family and became passionate
about the company and its legacy.”
Firchau nods in agreement and pulls
a laminated card, one carried by all
Porsche Consulting employees, from
his leather portfolio. In bold letters it
says ‘I drive Porsche passion,’ with a
few supporting points underneath.
“To work for Porsche Consulting
requires a commitment to constant
improvement, a willingness to be a
team player, the ability to critically
evaluate all aspects of performance,”
says Firchau. “It takes a certain type
of person, but fortunately this type
of person can come from any culture
or nation.”
Many Flags, one Focus
The North American office includes
consultants from the United States,
Germany, France, Finland and
Mexico. Many are engineers, and
most have both consulting experi-
ence and a manufacturing or
research and development back-
ground. But according to Lamar, the
most important characteristic they all
share is the ability to learn quickly.
“To most effectively serve our
clients, we need to think several
steps ahead of them,” says Lamar.
“Through research and preparation
we gain a basic understanding of
what the client does, then we
combine that background with
information obtained onsite at
the client location.”
“There are great companies all over
the world and right here in the U.S.
that have talented people and make
outstanding products, but still have
room for improvement,” adds
Firchau. “We help them establish
successful business practices and
achieve their full potential through
operational excellence.”
German American Trade Sep/Oct 2013
Keith Lamar
Senior Consultant,
Background: Bachelor’s
Degree in Logistics, Master’s
Degrees in Business Adminis-
tration and Project Manage-
Industry Sector Experience:
Automotive and Consumer
Dr. Norman Firchau
President and CEO,
Background: Degree in
Mechanical Engineering,
Ph.D. in Engineering Design
Industry Sector Experience:
Automotive and Aerospace
Gregor Harman
Senior Consultant,
Background: Degree in
Mechanical Engineering with
a concentration in Industrial
Engineering, International
Production and Logistics
Industry Sector Experience:
Automotive and Mechanical
Porsche Consulting draws on its broad multinational experience to better serve clients in North America.
“We teach our clients how to
replace waste within processes
with value-adding activities.”
Dr. Norman Firchau
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