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ing team jointly create a structure
and roadmap for systematic im-
provements, with a higher goal of
overall operational excellence.
“We don’t simply give our clients a
list of tasks, we teach them to
identify problems and then act
decisively and deliberately,” says
Firchau. “There is no shortcut. The
methods are tailored to each client’s
specific needs and circumstances.”
Benefits for any Industry
Concentrating on general principles
means Porsche Consulting can serve
clients in many sectors, including
industrial equipment, consumer
goods, financial services, electronics
and software, pharmaceuticals,
healthcare, medical technology,
construction, transportation and
automotive. Thirty percent of
Porsche Consulting’s worldwide
business is with Porsche, Volkswagen
and affiliates.
Porsche Consulting has also helped
many aerospace clients. Under
Porsche Consulting’s guidance,
one manufacturer not only reduced
lead time by 15 percent, but created
its own lean training program and
lean model factory. Another,
Lufthansa Technik, reduced the
time needed to overhaul long-range
aircraft from 36 to 26 days.
“Ten days is a lot of time in an
industry as fast paced as aviation,”
notes Firchau. “After all, an
airplane can’t make any money
on the ground.”
“Porsche Consulting has the
type of expertise and performance
you’d expect from such a great
brand,” says Paul Baldassari,
Flextronics’ Senior Vice President
of Operational Excellence. “The
Porsche name was a major reason
our customer was interested in
seeing how we could improve our
approach to materials.”
Porsche Consulting helped Flex-
tronics’ Paderborn operation
improve its process of materials
replenishment. Using just in
sequence and just in time strategies,
the electronics manufacturer
reduced materials in its shop floor
and warehouse by 94 percent for a
specific customer project. As part of
the project, the Flextronics Pader-
born operation also increased its
production output by 200 percent
to meet customer demand.
“One of the best compliments we
can receive from any client is: ‘We
don’t need you anymore,’” explains
Firchau. “Our standards are focused
on sustainable solutions that produce
measurable results. We place a
premium on empowering our clients
to be self-reliant.”
Consultants and Coaches
Self-reliance goes hand in hand
with another of the company’s
quality standards: inspiration of
managers and employees. Short-term
success and long-term sustainability
require Porsche Consulting to
change mindsets within client
organizations, meaning that consul-
tants must be experienced, insightful
and persuasive.
“Since we are defining value in
terms of what the end user will
ultimately pay for, it’s the people
on the assembly line who are adding
the most value,” says Firchau,
smiling. “That’s not always an
intuitive concept for some managers,
so they must have confidence in
our consultants.”
Keith Lamar, a senior consultant
from the United States with a
background in logistics, saw an
opportunity to make a big impact
German American Trade Sep/Oct 2013
President and CEO Dr. Norman Firchau sketches an overview of the Porsche Consulting approach.
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