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United States-German Economic Yearbook 2013
Welcome to the global network of Ger-
man Chambers of Commerce Abroad
(AHKs). Our Chambers are located inmar-
ketsof particular interest toGerman indus-
try and commerce - with more than 120
locations in80 countries around the globe.
1,700 employees work to support German
businesses in their international endeavors,
the jointAHK servicebrandDEinternation-
al, and by connecting them to the local
business communities through member-
ship servicesandevents.Around theworld,
theAHKs have50,000member companies.
The Association of German Chambers of
Industry and Commerce (DIHK) in Berlin
coordinates the global network of German
Connection toGermany
Close cooperationwith the80Chambers
of Industry andCommerce (IHKs) through-
out Germany, allows the AHKs to know
what companies are concerned about in
their involvement in foreign markets. The
communication between the 3.6 million
entrepreneurs in Germany and the addi-
tional millions throughout our global net-
work enables us to coordinate one clear
unifiedmessage forGermanbusiness.
Throughout theU.S.
The three German American Chambers
ofCommerce (GACCs) in theU.S. - together
with their four branch offices, their chap-
ters and affiliates - support and promote
German-American business in key eco-
nomic and political centers. The GACCs’
network consists of approximately 2,500
members, as well as excellent contacts to
associations, governmental institutions,
and corporations. The political liaison of-
fice of DIHK and BDI in Washington DC,
theRepresentativeofGerman Industryand
Trade (RGIT), withwhomwework closely,
represents the interestsof theGermanbusi-
ness community to theU.S. government.
Industryand Trade (RGIT)&
Germany Trade& Invest (GTaI)
The Representative of German Industry
and Trade (RGIT) is the Washington, DC,
liaison office of the Federation of German
Industries (BDI) and theAssociationofGer-
man Chambers of Industry and Commerce
(DIHK). RGIT’s mission is to foster free
trade and a welcoming business environ-
ment on both sides of the Atlantic to
achieve sustainablegrowth, jobs and inno-
vation for theGerman-Americaneconomic
relations. Founded in 1988, RGIT is sup-
ported by Germany’s Federal Ministry of
Economics and Technology and serves as
the voice of German Industry and Trade
towards U.S. politics, American business
organizations and the general public. RGIT
is part of theAHKUSAnetworkand coop-
erates closelywithGTAI.
Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI) is the
economicdevelopment agencyof theFed-
eral Republic of Germany. The organiza-
tion promotes Germany as a business and
technology location and supports compa-
nies seeking to expand abroad and pro-
vides companies looking toenterGermany
with expert advice. There is a particularly
close cooperation between the IHKs and
the GTAI, headquartered in Berlin. The
Chambers and GTAI share offices in Chi-
cago,NewYork, SanFrancisco, andWash-
ington, DC, andwork together on various
TheGerman Chambersof
Our Global Reach
75Broad Street, 21st Floor
NewYork, NY 10004
321NorthClark Street, Suite 1425
Chicago, IL 60654
GACC South
1170HowellMill Rd, Suite 300
Atlanta, GA 30318
OurKey Partners
for EconomicAffairs
of the Federal RepublicofGermany
ConsulateGeneral of the
Federal RepublicofGermany
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