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and it seems that the current negotia-
tions are off to a good start.
I encourage you to follow these devel-
opments closely and to get involved in
anywayyou can to facilitate the success-
ful conclusionof this important European-
U.S. treaty for all our businesses.
Our investments in this country are the
engines of the transatlantic economic re-
lationship, continuing to contribute jobs
and growth on both sides of theAtlantic:
German companies provide nearly
581,000 jobs in the United States and
American companiesnearly598,000 jobs
inGermany – and growing year for year!
If you already are or want to be
part of this growing community, the
German American Chambers of Com-
merce can provide the services you need
to succeed - Always on your side and at
your service!
Best wishes for 2014,
Caroll H. Neubauer
Chairman of the GermanAmerican
Chamber of Commerce inNewYork
United States-German Economic Yearbook 2013
Caroll H. Neubauer
B.Braun of America Inc.
&Chairman of theGerman
AmericanChamber of Commerce,
New York
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