Virtual Office

Often, the key to a company’s long-term success in the US market is its local presence. However, the costs of establishing a company's place of business can add up relatively quickly. In order reduce your financial risk, we offer you our Virtual Office Services.

The Virtual Office Services offered by GACC New York include establishing a company's personalized mailing address and phone line in Manhattans Financial District at an affordable price. Specially trained, bilingual employees in our consulting department manage your incoming and outgoing correspondence and answer calls on your behalf.

Interested in a virtual office on the West Coast? Please find more information about the Virtual Office Services offered by GACC San Francisco. We can also offer a combination of Virtual Office Services on the East and West Coast.

Depending on your objectives and the activities that we agree on in advance, additional tasks can be integrated into the Virtual Office Services. The options range from active customer acquisition services and customer service functions to taking part at your company presentations and business negotiations in the US. Once your company begins to expand, we can also provide assistance and support for incorporation services and the search for company personnel.

It would be our pleasure to schedule a consultation meeting to discuss any other questions.


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